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Answering Your Call to Work in Retirement: Jobs for Seniors

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The cost of retirement varies from person to person and is dependent on each person’s lifestyle; in fact, an exact cost can’t be pinpointed. It’s not surprising that so few people are financially prepared for retirement when there are so many factors and uncertainties involved.

About 70 percent of people are prepared to work for supplemental income in retirement. If you’re one of the seniors considering taking a job in retirement, read on for information to prepare and find a job in the right industry for you.

Prepare for the Job Hunt

The first step to finding a job in retirement is updating your resume and communication tools. Depending on how long you were at your last place of employment, it could have been years since you looked at or created a resume.

Consider using a chronological format for your new resume, and update your contact information. Include a cell phone number, as that’s the way most potential employers will try to reach you. If your cellphone is old or broken in any way, upgrade to a smartphone. These small computers simplify tasks for work or home, and some are accessible via an intuitive voice assistant. Update your calendar, stay in touch with clients, and never miss another meeting with set reminders. No matter what it is you need for work, there’s a phone that will meet and exceed expectations without going over your budget.

Find Security in Insurance

Insurance is one of the broadest industries around, with plenty of room for new hires to fill vacant positions. The insurance industry is a wonderful option for a retiree and you’ll find plenty of opportunities to do good in other people’s lives. From answering phone calls to handling claims, there’s an available position for you at every level.

Unlike startups or other industries, insurance offers retirees a secure position. Everyone needs insurance for their car, home, business, life, and more. There will be business, which means you will be needed. Once you decide which insurance position best fits your personality and experience, find the best company to work for by reading the company reviews. Here you can read what past and current employees have to say about working at various insurance companies. You’ll also be able to gain insight on salaries, benefits and the type of interview process employees have undergone. This will better prepare you for your own application and hiring process for each company.

If you don’t feel like working in the insurance industry, consider falling back on the skills and experience gained throughout your career.

Stick to What You Know

Start your own small business within retirement to retain freedom and avoid entering the workforce at an entry-level position. Become a consultant in your field or offer your own service to individuals and companies alike. Online job boards like Upwork can connect you with companies and individuals looking to hire freelancers for all sorts of work, ranging from accounting to customer service. You’ll be able to choose who you work with and which projects to focus on, and you’ll already have a strong portfolio to start with.

Build a website or pay someone to create one for your business. Every business benefits from having a well-designed website these days, and a professional site will raise your appearance of freelancing retiree to working professional.

Depending on what your work covers, this could be too much to take on during retirement. There are other jobs available for retirees that hold less responsibility and commitment.

Consider becoming a substitute teacher at a nearby school, or apply to retail positions. As a substitute, you can turn down or take positions as needed. In retail, employers often work around your schedule and regularly employ part-timers as well.

Whether you’re supplementing a fixed income or are simply looking for something to fill your days, finding a job as a retiree doesn’t have to be difficult. Figure out your requirements, pick an industry, and tailor your resume for each application. As long as you do these things, your shift to working in retirement will be a smooth one.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: "Sharon Wagner is the creator of the senior website for seniorfriendly.info."

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