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The Heart to Start

Have you ever found yourself sitting on the doorsteps of destiny wondering what direction your feet should move toward? There are many paths that lead to your next destination of greatness yet because there are countless options we often find ourselves stuck in a rut of indecision. The power rests in your ability to make a swift decision and detach from the outcome, detach from the fear of failure, detach from the opinion of others, detach from the disappointments, detach from the unknown and embrace the beauty that rests in the present moment.

I have had innumerable conversations with entrepreneurs and one statement that frequently arises is, "I don't know where to start." We have to be aware of the underlying subtlety of self-sabotage. It wears many masks and if you are not discerning it can easily rob you of seeing your potential actualized.

One of my favorite quotes for taking action when all the pieces have yet to appear is by Theodore Roosevelt, "Do what you can, with what you have, right where you are." You have limitless resources at your fingertips if you would dare to look outside of your current problems. There is always a solution readily available, if you are open to discovering it.

As I look in retrospect, most of my achievements were preceded by adversity. I learned to dig deep in the cavern of my soul for precious pearls of inspiration to move forward in spite of the odds stacked against me. I was not an honor roll student, in fact I was the polar opposite of the class president and valedictorian.

Today, my life is completely different! Every day is filled with new and delightful surprises! I speak across the nation, write on authority based platforms, host my own radio show, empower women through coaching, image consulting and inspirational products etc...It all started with me saying YES to success and nothing less. Did I have extremely difficult days where I wanted to throw in the towel? Absolutely! If I gave up on my dreams there would be millions of lives who would never experience the gift of hope that I was destined to share with those in despair. I had a vision bigger and brighter than the darkest night that haunted my soul.

Let's dive into the keys you need to succeed!

The first step I want you to take is to write out exactly where you are presently. What do you like about your life? Be as specific as possible. Clarity leads to confidence.

Next, list everything that brings you dissatisfaction. This includes, your living environment, finances, toxic relationships, employment etc... If you were to place the good next to the not so good which list is longer? If you have more negative than positive you know it is time to make immediate changes. This is the critical piece you have to get radical! I always say, "Nothing massive ever occurred by being passive."

When I am ready for an overhaul. I instantly create a vision board of what I want. Currently I have 12 vision boards on my office wall, placed up high so I can see them every day. It is a proven formula to manifesting your deepest desires. What you think about you bring about.

Once you see what you want and boldly say it out loud, you must be prepared to courageously seize it! In between seeing and saying is where internal opposition arises to prevent you from possessing. This is why it is critical to remove yourself from toxic individuals and environments where you are not free to thrive.

3 forms of mental blocks that will prevent you from starting:

1) Resistance-defined as fighting against change. You know what needs to be done but you are unwilling to do the work necessary to shift your life.

2) Avoidance-defined as withdrawing from something. This is very common in women as we tend to allow our emotions to dictate our behavior. What does this look like? Hiding under the covers or like the ostrich burying your head in the sand. You cannot conquer what you refuse to confront.

3) Dissonance-defined as lack of harmony or agreement, inconsistency between the beliefs one holds or between one's actions and one's beliefs. How this shows up is when you say you want to write a book but you don't believe you are smart enough to accomplish this goal.

In my youth I wasted valuable time that I will never get back. I am determined to live life to the fullest, on my terms and free from the expectation of others. What are you willing to change today that will impact tomorrow? It takes heart to start now, to start over, and to start something beautiful. Let it begin with you.


Kristie Kennedy is a Licensed Image Enhancement Consultant, Certified Women’s Worth and Wellness Expert, who provides confidence and clarity coaching to female leaders, executives and business owners who are exhausted from being the world’s best kept secret, ready to claim center stage as the leading lady of their own life, powerfully shift in mind and magnificently shine.She is skilled in four areas of personal development: mindset mastery, massive momentum, magnetic messaging and potential maximization. Ms. Kennedy has a passion for helping leaders who have reached a plateau with the ability to turn their cants into cans and their dreams into plans. Her life is a testament that you can shift from mediocrity to magnificence one bold step at a time. For more information visit: www.kristiekennedy.com



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