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Name: Nicole Thomas

Title: MSN, RN, CCM /Co- Owner of Louisiana Healthcare Services

Location: Baton Rouge, LA

If we only had 30 secs to get to know you. What would you want us to know?

I am actually a introvert yet an extrovert at the same time..... yes weird I know. I am a Registered Nurse who is on a mission to fulfill my purpose of being "In Health On Purpose" which for me means being a community health nurse that provides qualm healthcare to vulnerable communities regardless of their ability to pay. Through it all I am just here to live MY intentional purpose and to do so unapologetically.

Education: Bachelors Southern University A&M college Masters Walden University


Super Hero Award

Nurse Leaser of the Year Award

Community Health Nurse of the year

Favorite Pastime: Spending time with my family first and traveling the world.

Upcoming project(s):

Working on Going Beyond the Chart and The Nurse Power Network both to help nurses to be more intentional and Purposeful in their roles as nurses

Where can we find out more about you:


All SM FB/IG/twitter nicolethomasinc


#Nursing #Healthcare

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