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30 Secs With Aisha Martin

Name: Aisha Martin

Job Title: Senior Advisor and Lead Publicist at A. Martin Group

Location: Atlanta, GA

If we only had 30 secs to get to know you. What would you want us to know?

I would want people to know that perception has helped me a great deal in getting to where I am. Kind of a glass half full/half empty thing. I look for the lesson in all things and I learned to embrace my journey. To be a mom, wife, sister, daughter, etc are all great, but I've learned that I cannot live up to those roles if I'm not good, in all ways, myself.

Education: Georgia State University in Atlanta, GA

Awards/Recognition: Winner of the 2015 Ones to Watch: Millennial Game Changer award.

Favorite Pastime:

Being a kid! It's hard to say what was my favorite part besides "no adulting" but everything from Saturday morning cartoons and cereal to = playing outside ALL day long to hoping the DJ wouldn't talk too long over the song I've been waiting to record on the radio to taking the batteries out the TV remotes for my CD player! Man....I miss those times.

Upcoming Projects:

Currently on a tour called the MTC University Tour with my husband. We're combining our brands to help biz owners, creatives, singers, writers, and the like to build, brand, and expand while making money. We also have a Pitch the Pros contest coming up where we're giving away $5,000 in cash to one business owner to help with their business.

Where can we find out more about you:



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