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30 Secs With Ashima Franklin

Name: Ashima FranklinJob

Title: Stand-up Comedian

Location: Los Angeles, California from Mobile, AL

If we only had 30 secs to get to know you. What would you want us to know?

Becoming a comedian was my childhood dream. I always knew I wanted to make people laugh and be on TV. I've been in performing arts since the age of ten. Before becoming a mom of my amazing son, I moved to Atlanta in 2005 to start flight attendant school. Sadly I didn't pass the final, so I didn't get the job. A friend took me to Uptown Comedy Corner to cheer me up. It was my first time attending a comedy club. At that moment I knew comedy was what I was supposed to do. I went back to Uptown three days later, and was hired as a cocktail waitress. Uptown was where I learned to perfect my craft and where I networked and learned the business. It’s also where Katt Williams discovered me in 2012. I toured with Katt for six consecutive years. I performed three comedy specials with him, one which Spike Lee directed and produced. Eight years in the comedy business I toured all over the world, performed at countless comedy clubs and arenas. I've also worked with Russell Simmons at All Def Digital, where I wrote and co-starred in numerous shows on the ADD channel.

Favorite Pastime:

My first year I went on tour with Katt William. We had private jets, lavish tour bus and hotels and doing crowds 8,000 or more. My first trip to LA we did a New Year’s Eve show at LA Live. The place was star studded! Katt sent everyone shopping for the show. By the time I had everything together I was looking like a superstar. The show begins, and it’s my turn to go out. I'm walking on stage (in my first ever Red Bottoms) telling my first joke and BOOM! I fell in front of everyone. I jumped up kicked off my shoes and told them people “I not used to that s***” and killed the show BAREFOOT (true Ashima Franklin fashion). Coming off stage, everyone is telling me Katt wants you. I go into his dressing room. I walked in (teary eyed), and he burst out laughing and tells me "Ashima you were so beautiful and funny out there on that stage that you just had to fall! When you fell you let every woman out there know you are just like them and for that they love you.”

Upcoming project(s):

I am currently bringing together my tour, ASHIMA FRANKLIN “Guilty by Association Tour" which begins, July 3, 2017 in New York City. My ultimate goal is to use my Voice for good and to become one of the greats and leave the Ashima Franklin legacy. I want to make an impact on comedy. I unquestionably have my own lane and do things my way and considered the “BAD GIRL OF COMEDY."

Where can we find out more about you:

Facebook: www.facebook.com/TheRealAshimaFranklin/

Instagram: @ashimafranklin



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