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What's the best thing about being your age?

Ladies let's face it, being a women of any age is actually pretty darn amazing!

We asked women to tells us the best thing they felt was good about their current age and here are our top five submissions.

Blanca Murillo

Austin, TX

Age: 25

"Something "clicks" at 25. You stop listening to the doubts you've held onto since you were a teenager and all the words of wisdom from the adults in your life finally start to make sense."

Kesha M. Royster

Pensacola, Florida

Age: 34 going on 30-Fine (35) lol

"My thirties are teaching me to have sheer determination…to alter, adjust and adapt to whatever comes my way. I see life as a teacher and not an adversary."

Patrice Sykes Menifee, CA

Age: 40 "Being Forty is Fierce and Fabulous! Once I turned 40 I felt FREE to live life with no regrets. Besides, I'll never be 40 again. Might as well enjoy it!

Stephanie Coleman

Lisle, IL Age: 44

"What I enjoy most about the 40’s is the freedom of living authentically and being my true self, and the humility to never stop learning or growing."

Remonia Thomas

Chicago, IL Age: 58 yrs young "I love the woman that I AM! A wife, mother, grandmother, a career professional. I thank God for all of life's lessons. Never old, just seasoned. I'm spicy!"

In the comment section below, tell us what's the best thing about being your age.


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