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Name: Tara Darnley

Job Title: Co-Founder of Darlyng & Co.

Location: Brooklyn, New York

If we only had 30 secs to get to know you. What would you want us to know?

I was born and raised in Jamaica and a first generation entrepreneur. I’m a proud Wife and Mom. I love very hard, my greatest blessing thus far has been my family. We enjoying being able to homeschool our children.

I love to eat, mainly homemade Caribbean food. I love to create with my husband. From babies to businesses.

Our first company Darlyng & Co. started back in 2014, while meeting a need to comfort our teething newborn and she inspired the invention for our first product the Yummy Mitt teething mitten. Being able to create and grow a business together has been both challenging at times yet incredibly fulfilling that I get to do life with my best friend 24hours each and every day.


Green Scene Mom Award 2016

Family Choice Award 2015

Baby Maternity Magazine Top Choice Award 2016

Cribsie Award- New Arrival 2015

Favorite Pastime:

Reading, eating and spending time with my family and traveling. Lately I’ve been enjoying blogging and journaling life. Also getting back to doing photography which was one of my favorite pastime thing to do before starting our Company. I enjoy creating picture memory books for my kids and documenting their milestones.

Upcoming project(s):

I recently started my Personal Blog- Dreamsinspirereality.com. I’ll be using this platform to empower and inspire women to pursue their dreams. I’ll share all my favorite tips and tricks in navigating entrepreneurship, reviewing my favorite small business products and share some tips that has helped me also manage parenting and homeschooling. As for Darlyng & Co. we have tons of new children products launching both this year and next year and a few collaboration with other boss moms to bring some super innovative products to market. Super excited about that, so stay tune!

Where can we find out more about you:


Personal: Instagram.com/TaraDarnley

Main Brand: www.darlyngandco.com

Personal Brand- www.dreamsinspirereality.com


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