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Name: Charron Monaye

Job Title: Author/Publisher/Scriptwriter

Location: Philadelphia, PA

If we only had 30 secs to get to know you. Here's what we'd like you to know about Charron?

Award-winning playwright/author/coach/entrepreneur/publisher and writer, Charron Monaye is living the life she prayed for. Using her extraordinary gifts, Charron has developed a following among aspiring entrepreneurs and writers who seek her knowledge and life lessons on an array of subjects. Her body of work spans over two decades to include: five published books, four produced stage plays, co-authoring of two books, contributor to five anthologies, and former content contributor for CNN IReport. Currently, Charron is a lifestyle blogger with MadisonJaye.com; an international digital outlet that is #1 for celebrity news and spiritual healing.

In addition to building her own empire, she has helped many entrepreneurs build their businesses and brands through her company, Pen Legacy, LLC. Pen Legacy is a literacy company geared to helping others find their voice and purpose in life. This is executed through, self-help books, personal development coaching, and writing and publishing services.


Bachelors of Arts Degree at West Chester University (Political Science), Masters Degree in Public Administration (concentration in Government) from Keller and a certificate in Paralegal Studies and Life Coaching Certification.


In 2013, Charron was honored in Cleveland, Ohio by the “Girls on Fire” organization where she received the Presidential Award and Best Independent Author Award. In 2014, her stage play “Why Can’t We Be Friends” won Best Real Life Drama Stage Play at the Playwright Awards in Queens, NY. In 2015,Millionaire Mogul Tiana Von Johnson named Charron Monaye as a “Woman Who Is Doing It Big “ at her Women Doing It BIG Conference in New York City.

Favorite Pastime:

I love God and enjoying attending my favorite church, “First Baptist Church of Crestmont”. I love being a mother to my 2 amazing children, Christopher and Craig. I love being in love with and to an amazing man who supports, love, and appreciates me. I enjoy reading financial and self-improvements books. I am always trying to improve and elevate my life. I also, love music, shopping, traveling, laughing, smiling, and just embracing my happiness, freedom, and life.

Do you have an upcoming project(s):

I am a co-writing the memoir of Singer Jaguar Wright called the “The WoodShed”, which is slated to be released July 2017. I am also a collaborating co-author to 2 anthologies “Delayed But Not Denied” by Toni Coleman Brown and Julia Shaw and “I Hate Being Broke” by Tiana Von Johnson. Both of those of books are scheduled to be released Fall 2017. Lastly, I am currently penning my sixth book, "Vision to Fruition - A Guide to Finding Your Voice and Standing in your POWER,” which will be released October 2017.

In addition, I have 3 projects that I am either publishing or writing for others. I have 2 book publishing projects for first time authors. One of the authors is from Gauteng Province (Africa), which has now made my company Pen Legacy an international literary company. I am also adapting the novel by Rhonda Lawson, “Cheatin In the Next Room” into a play script.

Where can we find out more about you:

Twitter & Facebook: @penlegacyllc

Instagram: @iamcharronmonaye

Website: www.penlegacy.com

Email: info@penlegacy.com


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