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Name: Tomitchell Pratcher

Job Title: Marketing Consultant and Coach

Location: Jacksonville, Florida

If we only had 30 secs to get to know you. What would you want us to know?

I would want people to know that I'm a wife and a mother following my purpose and still balancing being a good woman to my husband and a good mom to my children. I work, I miss the mark sometimes, I slightly lose my cool when I'm frustrated but I like people to know that moving in authenticity will get you further than trying to be a copy of someone else. I absolutely love inspiring people through valuable coaching and it makes my heart happy to see those whom I've helped make leaps and bounds in their respective industry.

It is absolutely imperative that I move in my passion to help those in business disrupt their industry with new innovations and technology. I want to ignite people to change the rules and be risk-takers in whatever they're trying to accomplish. It's about making the most of your time

Education: Communications Major, Florida State College of Jacksonville

Favorite Pastime:

I love spending time watching movies, reading, getting some alone time and binge watching TV that I'm sure isn't good for me but because it's a good mental break, I watch anyway. Dang Mona Scott!

Upcoming project(s):

I am working on a simple coaching deck for small businesses to help fix common marketing problems. The idea is to help businesses focus on strategic innovation instead of getting caught up in the mechanics, understanding the buyer's journey, and perfecting the sales pitch.

Where can we find out more about you:


IG: tpratch81

FB : Tomitchell Pratcher/Dream Release PR


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