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30 Secs with JinJa Birkenbeuel

30 Secs with JinJa Birkenbeuel

Name: JinJa Birkenbeuel

Job Title:

Chief Executive Officer, Birk Creative; Co-Publisher and Songwriter for musical group Utah Carol; Book publisher Birkdigital.com

Location: Chicago, Illinois

If we only had 30 secs to get to know you. What would you want us to know?

On entrepreneurship: I am curious. I have a tremendous amount of energy. I ask questions that at times may seem random, and people with imagination appreciate that aspect of me. I have stamina especially when faced with a creative or a strategic problem. I look for clients that expect and get excellence, not perfection and also demand innovation and risk couched in strategy. Being visible is also important to me. When clients and colleagues accept and trust me when I bring my full self to the process, the table and the conversation--I know together, we will win. I also strongly believe in diversity of thought--when everyone is authentic and honest. I appreciate people that are not afraid this! I challenge anyone that tries to box me into their ideas of what I'm supposed to be or how I should talk or who I should know or how or where I was raised or what I should or shouldn't know about being black or a woman or a mother or a black Latina. There should be no rule to follow outside of decency and compassion when it comes to being a human. Difference is a valuable human quality. Being unique and not like everyone else is precious and any friend, family, client, customer business, corporation should champion this in you each every single day. If you find yourself in a group or environment or conversation where everyone thinks the same, everyone is in agreement, people are scared--if everyone at a table is trying to solve a problem and follows the expected path without question or divergence...that is the time to run screaming for the hills. And if you can't run, stand up and speak out use your voice loudly with confidence. Do not be afraid to be authentic and different. Lose a job! Lose a client! Lose a friend! Fear is a success and innovation killer anyway and you may end up with a life full of regret when it takes you over.


  • Highlighted in Google, Inc., 2016 Global Economic Impact Report as the Illinois-based company that has had a positive impact on Google.

  • Birk Creative was selected as one of nine coaches in the United States to provide free digital coaching to underrepresented small businesses and entrepreneurs, including women-owned businesses exclusively in Illinois.

  • JinJa Birkenbeuel is representing Google Women In Technology at the 2017 Essence Fest

Favorite Pastime:

Watching my three boys immersed in their talents--piano, swimming, hockey. Family weekend time of baking banana bread, blueberry muffins and fresh apple waffles for my three sons. Then heading to the bookstore with my three boys to find a treasure of brand new books and seeing what they are into lately. Taking my children to see the latest Marvel movie, watching previews of all the upcoming blockbusters and laughing with them with the previews are terrible. I am a huge Marvel Comic fan, I love the fantasy and the stories. I love Star Wars too. With my husband, going out alone for a private face to face dinner, talking about the future, and our quarterly state of the band conversation "When Are We Going To Finish This Album?" Planning that trip to Italy...someday.

Upcoming project(s):

First project is working on a major rebranding of an artistic and cultural experience in Chicago called Threewalls, led by executive director and visionary Dr. Jeffreen Hayes.

Second project: my agency is providing free digital coaching workshops to small Illinois-based businesses and entrepreneurs, and in particular women and other minorities, to help get their businesses online, provide digital marketing skills and introduce them to the benefits of digital advertising. My goal in this work is for Illinois to be the best state in the country to get digital coaching and also provide the the most useful information to benefit each and every workshop participant! Success will be measured for me by participant enthusiasm, social media public acknowledgement and repeat participants to the workshops.

Third: Continuing to help American author and journalist Touré refine, expand and update his unique brand presence online.

Where can we find out more about you:




@birkcreative (Insta, Twitter)







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