The Invisible Crown

Take a deep breath for a moment and center within. Quietly listen to your heart beat and the rhythm of your soul’s innermost desires. You’ve visualized the joy of attaining a magnificent victory. In order to seize it, you must see it. There is a cutting edge advantage that will allow you to stand out in any crowd. The invisible crown of internal confidence will often be the determining factor between a win and a loss. Many individuals forfeit countless achievements due to be

From Stuck to Unstoppable

As a first generation entrepreneur I have experienced a gamut of amazing adventures in pursuit of my purpose and passion. In retrospect, I see glimpses of what I was predestined to become in this world. I remember having a vivid imagination as a child. My childhood friends and I had our own shoe store called the Kangaroo Company. One of my favorite aspects of entrepreneurship is the endless possibilities that rest at the tip of our fingers. Success is not as complex as we t

The Heart to Start

Have you ever found yourself sitting on the doorsteps of destiny wondering what direction your feet should move toward? There are many paths that lead to your next destination of greatness yet because there are countless options we often find ourselves stuck in a rut of indecision. The power rests in your ability to make a swift decision and detach from the outcome, detach from the fear of failure, detach from the opinion of others, detach from the disappointments, detach fro

You Get What You Get Ready For!

How many times will you sabotage your own progress because of fear, doubt, procrastination, laziness and everything else in between? The hour has come for you to stop with every excuse as to why you are unable to achieve your dreams. Let’s take a moment to examine a comprehensive landscape of the word ready: To be fully organized and prepared In a suitable state for an activity, action or situation Available for service or progress Willing to do something Equipped for what is

Discovering the Power of Your Voice

Imagine standing on a platform surrounded by millions of people in dire need of hope, inspiration and direction that would completely transform their lives. Envision what it would feel like being the catalyst of their moment of change. Now experience the wonder of embracing the call to lead the way. A couple of years ago, I remember seeing one of my mentor’s words that continue to challenge me to this day to use my voice for good. He asked the question, “How long will they ha